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The Truth about the lucrative child protective business

ATTENTION CLASS ACTION ATTORNEYS:  California Governor Jerry Brown quietly signed a law that allows 12 yr old children to receive HPV vaccinations without their parents consent, after watching a classroom film of people dying from cancer. The vaccine, Gardasil, uses a recombinant outer surface protein (Osp) similar to LYMErix®, which reactivates dormant viruses and pathogens in many children, especially Lyme related infections transmitted by mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.  This guarantees that MERCK and other drug companies have plenty of future customers who need drugs for new arthritis, ADD, ADHD, asthma, and other neurologic diseases.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21673416 << National Institute of Health, peer reviewed and Published document. 

California will buy the HPV vaccine in bulk, making pharmaceutical stockholders like John McCain, very pleased.  Gardasil, also known as the "Abortion shot" is becoming quite popular with teens and tweens.

October 9, 2011

Little known fact: Microsoft Outlook Express email client limits you to 32 send and receive POP3 email accounts.  If you have more than 32 email accounts and try to use Microsoft Outlook Express, any account above the 32 account POP3 email limit will NOT be retrieved from your email servers.  This is an expensive lesson for a teacher, school, or business who has more than 32 accounts.  Microsoft didn't document this until 2007, according to the date on their site:  http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=296513   workarounds: http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-2828905.php

If you think you want to trust Microsoft 'Outlook' and actually have it work, click here to see approximately 10,000,000 hits on Google for MICROSOFT OUTLOOK PROBLEMS.


Family Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Korda

Letter Says Judge Was Smoking Pot In Drug-Free Zone

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, NAACP Demands Removal Of Family Court Judge Lawrence Korda

POSTED: 1:02 pm EDT March 22, 2007
UPDATED: 3:38 pm EDT March 22, 2007

"...Broward Florida Circuit Court Judge Lawrence Korda being charged with possession and usage of marijuana on Sunday, March 18, 2007...  ...The revelation that Judge Korda chose to openly use an illegal substance in a drug-free zone with children nearby clearly shows he is undeserving of this important position."

Korda, who was part of the Anna Nicole Smith proceedings, was in Stanley Goldman Park near Hollywood Boulevard on Sunday at about 2 p.m. when police patrolling the park smelled marijuana, followed the scent and found him seated on a bench, police said.

Korda, 59, was not arrested but was issued a notice to appear in court and faces a charge of marijuana possession, according to police. 

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Vice Presidents are allowed to shoot lawyers - but only while hunting.

The bush war will cost the american taxpayer about $600,000,000,000.00 - but American Taxpayers, who are paying for free education and free medical care for Iraqi and Afghan Citizens, will magically receive a $300 tax break, so says Bush.

There is no such thing as global warming - but icebergs in Greenland have melted TWICE as fast in 2005 compared to 1997.



While parents send body armor to their children fighting abroad, Credit Cards at the Department Of Defense are being used to buy breast implants, lingerie, engagement rings, $400 briefcases, et., - at a cost of about a trillion dollars - or about $4000.00 dollars for every American, per ABC's 20/20, which aired June 4, 2004.  Americans are going to bed without food or a roof over their head.


350,000 mentally ill Americans are in jail.  The reason is that the Bush Administration found it cheaper to warehouse these poor uninsured souls in jails, rather than medical facilities,  And the best part about this is that these people are too poor to hire overpriced lawyers to defend them or get them proper medical therapy.  - ABC's NIGHTLINE, June 9, 2006,


Subject Under Control

Subject Under Control Getting His Head Bashed In

Englewood California Police THUGS collect $2.4 Million judgment.


1-30-2006:  Fox News reported that EXXON reported the highest profits of any corporation in history:  $36,130,000.000.00 profit in 2005.  This amounts to about $5,000,000.00 per HOUR.

'To hell with the constitution, this is war.  My powers give me the right to tap anyone's phone.'  -- President George W. Bush

800,000 children in the U.S. work up to 10 hrs per day, 7 days a week. -per ABC's Nightline, June 15, 2005

  • The "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" and other programs were secretly collecting data on children for use by the Pentagon.  Especially targeted in the government's secret database are children in high school.

  • The Supreme Court announced today that homes can be condemned by municipalities for commercial enterprises.  This includes parking lots, malls, donut shops and strip malls, gas stations, or however your city wants to do with your property to make money.

  • Maytag and Chevron (UNICAL) are now owned by the Chinese. 

All of the above were announced by ABC News, 2005-June-23 

  • The Chinese changed an estimated 2,600 laws to gain financial strongholds on world trade, and are a world competitor for oil, raising prices in throughout U.S. -per CNBC, 2005-June-24

-per ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN NEWS - February 21, 2005

Your personal information that you gave to your Insurance Company, may now be in the hands of Hackers (ChoicePoint).  -per ABC NEWS, February 21, 2005

2005-MAY-9: BROWARD COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE (BSO) DEPUTY SERVICE AID, Mirabel Martinez, was taken into custody after leaving a 2-year old in the back seat of her patrol car for 5 hours, in Florida's 86 degree heat. 

She was transporting the child for DCF.

2005-MAY-9: All Networks showed video of gun-crazed Los Angeles Deputy thugs pumping over 120 rounds at a white SUV, containing an UNARMED man.  The gun-happy deputies even managed to shoot each other in the cross-fire.  Homes in the area were riddled were riddled with bullets, inside and out.

10 bullets struck the unarmed black man, 4 entered his body. 

After lying about the incident, they were forced to  come up with a story closer to the truth, because they were caught on videotape.

2005-FEB-10: WABC news reported that a trigger-happy 9 year veteran LAPD cop shot and killed a 13 year old black child, who was reportedly driving a stolen car.  The young child died AFTER BEING SHOT 10 TIMES by the trigger-happy LAPD cop,  Another cop ran over a suspect with his police car. 

2005-FEB-10: CBS NEWS (60 MINUTES) reported that 250,000 pages of declassified documents indicate that the US Government conducted Human Radiation Experiments on 16,000 people.  One U.S. Citizen, searching for the real cause of her young institutionalized brother's death, uncovered 2 AUTOPSY REPORTS; one for his BRAIN, the other for the rest of his  young body.  He reportedly suffered untold pain, with air being pumped into his skull.  The U.S. Government's HREX.GOV (HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTS) website has been closed.  click here 

The United States is the only country that does not have price control on prescription drugs, and the pharmaceutical companies make 50% of their worldwide profits from U.S. citizens,  These same drugs are sold by the same companies throughout the world for less than half of their U.S. price.  The Food and Drug Administration is a pawn for drug companies, which sell drugs at twice the price in the U.S.   The drug companies presently have 600 lobbyists in the U.S. spending billions, and President Busch has personally received over $500,000.00 from drug companies.  - from CBS News "60 Minutes," August 22, 2004

On January 12, 2005,  the U.S. Supreme Court threw out federal sentencing guidelines.  Maybe now there will be punishment to fit the crime, rather than judges making examples out of people at their whim.

January 12, 2004 - Cell Phone Company HACKED.  A young man was arrested for breaking into the T-MOBILE CELL PHONE SYSTEM, and reading the emails of FBI Agents and others,  Good thing this person, who goes by the nickname "Ethics," is not a terrorist.

A man who lost his first popular presidential election, and lost his second according to exit poles, is believed to have "won" by fraud in Ohio.  Many Black and or Democratic precinct voters waited up to 10 hours in line, due to a lack of voting machines.

In his first term, this president got us into a war over non-existent "Weapons Of Mass Destruction," depleting this country's reserves and plunging the country into debt, proceeded to to give away American jobs, announced that Social Security is in turmoil, and keeps warning the American people about the "War On Terror" before going to to his $40,000,000.00 inauguration.



2005-AUG-15: ABC NEWS reported that Florida leads the nation in Taser Deaths.

*click here for video*

Taser Guns shoot dirty needles into kids


First Enron - - - Now State Farm
the Gramm Connection !

State Farm is a "mutual insurance company." This means that each policyholder is a part owner of the company.  Simply replace the word "Policyholder" with the word "Stockholder", and the words "Premium Refunds" with the word "Dividends" and you have a parallel correlation.

On September 11, 2002, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charles W. McCoy, Jr certified as "Class Action" a lawsuit brought against State Farm, alleging the insurer had withheld as much as a $50 billion premium overcharge refund from its policyholders (Hill, et al. vs State Farm, et al. and bears case number BC-194-491). If accurate, that would mean State Farm could be required to refund $1,000 to each of its 50 million policyholders.  

This complaint references financial statements, sworn to by State Farm and filed with the department of insurance, wherein State Farm defines the need for a 2:1 ratio of premium to surplus in order to maintain financial stability. The complaint goes on to clearly demonstrate State Farm has maintained a 2:3 ratio of premium to surplus. In short, State Farm appears to have withheld $3 in surplus for every $1 it swore was necessary.

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Take Religious Decisions out of the Courts 

Florida prisoner beaten to death by guards 

How Police Misconduct cost one resident over $100,000.00 

Davie Florida Police Videotaped Beating Handcuffed Man 




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